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Construction Hoists

Rockcastle offer out both Passenger Hoists or Good Only Hoists to suit clients’ needs. Bespoke options are also available.

Our Capabilities:

  • Compliant to BS EN 12159 ( passenger)
    and BS EN 12158 (Goods Only)
  • Up to 2000kg capacity
  • Speeds up to 42m/min
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Passenger hoists are used to transport passengers, often construction workers, up to a raised platforms that would otherwise be inaccessible.

We provide a vast range of Goods & Passenger Hoists all well-presented and maintained. Usually tied to building structures and scaffolding, passenger hoists are made up of mechanical and electrical interlocking gates and a secure cage making them a very useful means of carrying passengers up structures on site.

Different drive technologies and control systems are available to suit the intended use of the hoist and provide a reliable and efficient solution for your hoisting needs. Passenger & goods hoists are usually operated from inside the cage by a trained driver, who responds to calls from site personnel and supervises the safe loading and unloading of the cage at the required landings.

Our smallest Goods & Personnel hoist is the Alimak CM12, 1.5m x 2m on plan with a 1200kg capacity. The more common 2 tonne Goods & Personnel hoist capacity has a cage size of 3.2m x 1.5m.

The operation of goods only hoists is carried out from the ground level using a pendant control attached to the base enclosure. This allows the operator to stand back from the hoist, enabling them to see the required landing level and stop the hoist cage within the permitted zone. If the hoist cage stops outside the permitted zone, then it is not possible for the person on the landing to open the landing gate and gain access to the hoist cage for unloading. Our Goods Only Hoists range from capacities of 1200kg to 2000kg.

Construction Hoists

Bespoke Design

Rockcastle has the knowledge and facilities to create bespoke solutions to suits individual client needs.

For example, hoist located in lift shafts. Rockcastle has on multiple occasions, created specific platform sizes to suit many different lift shafts. We have also supported hoists over voids and against bridges where tie lengths reached up to 9m. Whatever the hurdle, Rockcastle will find a solution to overcome.

Construction Hoists
Benefits of using Rockcastle Construction Hoists

Construction hoists provide many benefits over other solutions like crane loading decks or scaffolding. Some of which are:

Fast multi story travel

With speeds up to 42 m/min, your workforce spends less time climbing scaffold

Delivery to every floor

Construction hoists let you begin your fit out at every floor and not just which landing has the crane loading deck

Quick erection and dismantling

Rockcastle’s team of installer could have your construction hoist operational in less than 4 days

Experienced team of maintenance engineers

Rockcastle can provide all servicing and maintenance checks for your construction hoists