High Access Equipment

Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWP)

Mast Climbing Work Platforms are a convenient and cost effective means of high access which can be erected quicker than scaffold.

Our Capabilities:

  • Single mast platforms up to 15.5m (1500kg payload capacity)*
  • Twin mast platforms up to 30.8m (1500kg payload capacity)*
  • Common mast platforms with maximum 18m between masts (1000kg payload capacity)*

*Depending on machine and configuration selected.

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Mast climbing work platforms offer clients a solution to quickly transport personnel and materials to the desired height of an envelope façade.

A typical mast climber configuration covering a façade of 20m length and 30m height could be installed in as little as 3 days. Due to their modular system, Rockcastle can design a mast climber configuration that suits your needs in the smallest possible footprint. Mast climber use on a site will also reduce the number of ties in a façade when compared to scaffold.

Mast Climbers can work up to twenty metres high free standing or travel up to 150 metres tied to a building. Rockcastle keeps stock of a vast range of mast climbers that are compliant with EN 1495 and installed as per BS 7981. Our mast climbers can be supplied with front or rear extended platforms to access tricky areas like balconies or façade fins meaning we will always find a solution for you.

Using the Alimak C20 series, Rockcastle can provide a common mast machine which allows us to reduce masts on a particularly long façade and incorporate transport platforms where required.

Typically, on a façade of 40m length and 30m height, you might expect to find two twin mast platforms at 20m length with a capacity of 1500kg. This configuration could require 12 tie in points. Using the common tower system this could be reduced to 9 while still achieving the same coverage and capacity.

Mast Climbing Work Platform
Benefits of using MCWP

Smaller footprint

With a smaller site footprint than scaffold we can set up in tighter spaces

Speedy erection and dismantle

Time taken to erect and dismantle full elevations can be reduced by as much as 85%

Modular builds

Reduction in time and costs for onsite amendments

Reduced number of ties

Less tying in points allows more façade works to progress without interference.