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In House Design / Temporary Works Design

With our team of in-house designers, Rockcastle has the ability to provide site specific temporary works designs for each client.

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Rockcastle can provide all design layouts for temporary works such as mast climbers, hoists, transport platforms, cradles and crane loading decks.

Our high access solutions are designed using AutoCAD for machine configurations overlaid onto client site drawings. We also possess the ability to extract required drawing views from client Revit models.

With temporary works becoming increasingly critical in the completion of any construction project, the importance of identifying temporary works design requirements in advance has also grown.

How it Helps

Early involvement from our design team working with our sales team is a service we frequently offer to our clients on larger and more challenging projects, such as building complexes requiring multiple types of access on a variety of different elevations. This can provide both technical and commercial advantages to clients and this contributes to a successful bid or outcome for all. Design team involvement from and early stage helps identify:

  • Requirement for any additional steelwork for base supports
  • Requirement for additional height handrails, debris netting and roofs or lifting beams
  • Special tie considerations to minimize interference with façade works

Complex designs for temporary structures

We have utilised our design team on more than one occasion to overcome many obstacles that may arise on a construction site.

We have supported mast climbers positioned 5 meters overhanging a waterway canal, created hoist ties over 9 meters long to service a high-level motorway bypass and even suspended a machine on the 10th floor of a building to provide access to a façade on an elevation over the adjoining building.

Benefits include:

Our own design team

There is no need to split the design and site works between different companies

Flexible approach

Our design team listen to your needs and help design a solution that best increases productivity on site

Designed to your exact needs

Once provided with a design brief, our team will work towards achieving your requirements and will clarify any queries to ensure smooth operations of works

Knowledgeable and experienced

Our team will produce drawings and calculations based on their wealth of knowledge gained through education and CPD. We are competent in the understanding of the standards surrounding our equipment

With you all the way

Our team will be available to you throughout the entire life of the project to provide guidance.

Bespoke fabrication

We design, fabricate and manufacture specialist solutions for site specific requirements with a fully equipped workshop and an experienced fabrication team.

We can also supply additional accessories for mast climbers, transport platforms and construction hoists when required. We specialise in offering bespoke solutions for the access needs of a project. We guarantee all modifications and accessories are tested, safe and fit for purpose.

Mast Climbing Work Platform